Emergency Support

Emergency IT Computer & Network Support


Has your network crashed or a computer contaminated with malware? Are your users stuck and unable to work? Are you in need of urgent help, but not yet a ComptronX client?

ComptronX provides a comprehensive range of Emergency IT support services tailored specifically to support your computer or server network emergency.

We are experienced in getting your network back up and working correctly as quickly as posible.

Emergency IT Support services offers  access to urgent assistance. Working on a simple non-contractual payment basis, the service is available for a minimum of one hour (Remote Assistance only) or four hours (On-Site). Additional hourly rate may apply depending on the problems encountered.

A disaster can be the result of any one or a combination of the following:

  • Computer viruses that can destroy data
  • Hardware and software failures
  • Infrastructure interruptions, inconsistencies, or loss of services such as communication or network connections

The degree of loss during a disaster can range from one or more files lost when a disk crashes to an entire computer system. The degree of severity of the situation determines the procedures needed to recover data and restore functionality on your computer or fileserver.

Scope of Services

  • Bare metal restore from a catastrophic failure
  • Recovery of damaged, corrupt, or lost email database
  • Restoration of crashed  fileservers
  • Restoration of crashed workstations and laptops
  • Troubleshooting  network communication issues
  • Restoration of Shares, Remote Access, Email,  applications and databases from your backups
  • Administration  of your entire system after system recovery
Our emergency technical support service provides fast resolution of your hardware, software, and network issues. You benefit by having a single source to call when help is needed.

For more information call or e-mail.